1960 to 1967

In this period 2CV (Spaček) type AZL and AMI 6 sedan models were made. Manufacturer’s name: Motor Vehicles Factory TOMOS – Koper (TOVARNA MOTORNIH VOZIL TOMOS – KOPER). The plate displays the type of vehicle, engine power and data about vehicle weights. It was fixed to the car with four self-tapping screws on the driver’s side of the bulkhead (fire-wall) in the engine compartment.

Identification plate number: 400207

Tomos 2CV, type AZL

Tomos Ami 6

1968 to 1970

During this period a universal identification plate was used. The data was stamped by hand and mistakes are fairly common, especially in the data on weights of vehicles. It is possible to determine the type of vehicle by the engine power and vehicle weight data … 425cc 2CV, 435cc Dyane and 602cc Ami 6.

Identification plate numbers: 400205, 400525

Tomos 2CV AZL and AZ AM

Tomos AMI 6 Break

Tomos 2CV – 420010 type

Tomos 2CV – 420010 type was the last 425cc 2CV (Spacek). It is possible to find it even in 1971.

Tomos Dyane

1971 to 1973

In this period 2CV and AMI 8 models with 602cc engines were made. In 1972 machine stamped plates were introduced for certain types of vehicles, displaying chassis number, engine power and vehicle weight.

Identification plate number: 400525

Tomos AMI 8 – type 440020, saloon (berline)

Tomos AMI 8 – type 450020, estate (break)

Tomos 2CV6 – type 420.020


1973 to 1976

This is the period of the production and sales of Cimos 2CV6, AMI 8 and Dyane 6 models. The plates are marked as in the previous period, with a change of manufacturer’s name to Cimos Koper. In the first year of Cimos production (1973), vehicles came from the factory with either the old Tomos or new Cimos identification plates.

Identification plate number: 400525

Cimos 2CV6 – type 420.020

Cimos AMI 8 – type AMF 3, estate (break)

Cimos 2CV6 – AX type

Cimos AMI 8 – type AM-3 saloon (berline)

1977 to 1981

The factory stopped producing 2CV6 and AMI 8 vehicles in 1976  and started making Dyane 6, 6L and 6LC  in 1977.

Identification plate number: 400525

Cimos Dyane 6L – type AYS4-L

Cimos Dyane 6L – type AYS4 LC

1982 to 1985

In 1981, Cimos stopped producing Cimos Dyane passenger vehicles and closed the factory in Šempeter near Nova Gorica. Cimos entered the last period of Citroen A-Series production . In 1982, Cimos began production of commercial vehicles: Cimos Diane DAK and Cimos Diane Geri, in the their special vehicles production facility in Koper .

Codes for the type of vehicle used by the DAK and Geri are:
AYCE (Geri)

Although these vehicles were designed and created by Cimos, they were actually marked as Citroen vehicles:
Acadiane (AYCD) and Mehari (AYCE).

Cimos Diane DAK – tip AY-CD

Cimos Diane GERI – tip AY-CE

All other Citroen vehicles that were imported and sold in the period up to 1990, had the original Citroen identification plates and tags. Cimos imported a number of A-series vehicles: Acadiane (1980-1981), FAF 4X2 and FAF 4X4 (1982), 2CV6 Charleston (1986-1987).